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Worst Fantasy Trade

March 13, 2013

I think it was Matthew Berry who posted on Facebook asking what the worst fantasy deal you have ever made was, and for me it is such an easy decision.

It was my first fantasy league with my brother and a bunch of his friends. We held our draft in a dorm on Rutgers Busch Campus. Roy Oswalt went in the 3rd round (this was early 2000s when he was a rising star and people in the league loved him, so my brother jumped early).

Later on that season, Erubiel Durazo came off the disabled list and proceeded to belt 3 tater tots and have an absolutely huge game. I had been negotiating with another guy in the league who wanted Mark Mulder from me, as he was an As fan and in contention for the league title. Unfortunately, I was very very green and this gentleman would use Durazo’s surge to sway me into making the worst fantasy deal I have made to this day:

Mark Mulder for Erubiel Durazo/Kris Benson (Non-keeper), Circa 2000.

What was yours?