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March 12, 2014

Shawn wins.



February 7, 2013

Just a quick post about yesterday’s US Men’s National Team World Cup Qualifier in Honduras in which the US would end up falling 2-1, dropping points they simply cannot afford to lose.

Everything looked great after Dempsey grabbed the opener, but as the NY Times put it, and I simply cannot put it any better, the team wilted in the Central American sun. Honduras was simply more fit and more organized, using a largely MLS based roster to overcome the largely European based Americans. The problem is, it simply will not get any easier. Yes, San Pedro Sula is an incredibly tough place to play. But the US still has away dates in the Hex with Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, and Jamaica. The difficulty in Mexico goes without saying, with the heat and elevation of Azteca. The US is hoping a home date with Costa Rica a few days prior in Commerce City, CO will prep them for that. Costa Rica, like some of the smaller CONCACAF nations, is well known for the hideous condition of pitches used in internationals.

As for Panama and Jamaica, each has a rousing recent victory over the US to give them confidence heading into any fixture. While the US would later avenge the defeat later in the same tournament, Panama defeated them on US Soil on June 12, 2011 in a game that still stings when I think about it. Jamaica’s win over the US in Kingston is even fresher, coming in the previous qualifying round (The US would avenge this loss in Columbus, where they should be playing far more of their home games).

This is no longer a walk in the park. The US should be thanking their lucky stars (and stripes) that Jamaica was able to hold Mexico to a draw. Klinsmann needs to realize that this is the American TEAM, and needs to recultivate that identity. When the US hired J├╝rgen, I was incredibly excited. That excitement has now morphed into an equal amount of worry. The search for the German American to come and star for this team needs to end and we need to settle on a solid lineup. Tinkering leads to losses. Just ask Ruxin on The League. Instead of investing all your time in ensuring that Timmy Chandler got cap tied to the US, perhaps you should have been begging Landon Donovan to come play, because if he had featured in that starting 11, the team would at the very least be on level pegging with Mexico right now. Something has to be done and quickly, or it could be an extremely depressing June of 2014 stateside, not to mention the blow that would be dealt to the growth of soccer at home. Food for thought.


Game highlights below, including the Honduras LB drilling a bicycle kick past Tim Howard. Impressive stuff.