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After that debacle…

February 21, 2014

Now that the Olympics have officially ended for me after the US hockey team’s elimination, (Yes. I am aware there is a bronze medal game to be played. That is meaningless. It was gold or bust, and we came to the same disappointing end as 2010, a loss to our friendly neighbors up north. At least we didn’t have to watch this again. ) It is time to bring the blog back and for real this time. After the embarrassing effort to revive the blog in March of last year, I am determined to not allow this to happen again.

That being said: Hockey picks up again next week, NCAAB is in full swing as March Madness approaches, MLB players have begun to report (for my fellow Mets fans, TC was really impressed with Syndergaard in a throwing session). The NFL Draft is around the corner (look forward to me constantly bemoaning my Fantasy Football misfortune and trying to rationalize what Jerry Jones does). So, even though we currently are enduring a sporting drought (The NBA all star break contributing to this fact), there is light at the end of the tunnel and I look forward to both entertaining you, aggravating you, and arguing with you right here.

But hopefully, this will not be the only forum you communicate with me on. Definitely follow the blog on twitter (@maximumzinpact). Feel free to make requests, asks questions, call me an idiot, whatever you feel the need to do. I will respond so long as the tweet allows for a response.

So, take this quick introductory post, and enjoy it as it is simply letting you know what is to come. Expect plenty of content this go around. Hoping to create a podcast and once I obtain a PSCamera, combining my love of video games and sports together to bring you a stream where we can game together (or just watch me fail at games) and banter about sports.

Looking forward to it.


Worst Fantasy Trade

March 13, 2013

I think it was Matthew Berry who posted on Facebook asking what the worst fantasy deal you have ever made was, and for me it is such an easy decision.

It was my first fantasy league with my brother and a bunch of his friends. We held our draft in a dorm on Rutgers Busch Campus. Roy Oswalt went in the 3rd round (this was early 2000s when he was a rising star and people in the league loved him, so my brother jumped early).

Later on that season, Erubiel Durazo came off the disabled list and proceeded to belt 3 tater tots and have an absolutely huge game. I had been negotiating with another guy in the league who wanted Mark Mulder from me, as he was an As fan and in contention for the league title. Unfortunately, I was very very green and this gentleman would use Durazo’s surge to sway me into making the worst fantasy deal I have made to this day:

Mark Mulder for Erubiel Durazo/Kris Benson (Non-keeper), Circa 2000.

What was yours?

This and That: Yes, the NBA finals are still going on

June 15, 2010

The problem is, I don’t care and have at times forgotten, mercifully. There are so many other interesting things going on in sports that I can ignore the usual Finals snoozer. From the looks of it at the half of game 6, it appears headed for a game 7 in La-La Land and that spurs my excitement about as much as the idea of having a spur shoved up my rear end. Maybe I was rooting for the Spurs, I don’t know. I wonder how the NBA feels to be in the backseat to the World’s premier sporting event in the World Cup, expansion talks and happenings in college football, and even midseason baseball brings the excitement to a higher degree. The 6 game Stanley Cup Final blew this years NBA finals out of existence. Talk about ratings all you want, but there is no one out there who could legitimately tell you that these hoops finals have even compared to what was a fantastic NHL final. Hopefully Puckheads like myself will soon be able to rejoice when hockey reclaims the throne.

World Cup: Shocking results abound: Robert Green gifts the US a draw against England, Ghana upends Serbia 1-0, Japan shocks Cameroon, and North Korea stays in it vs Brazil. All of these things are shocking on paper, but when you are participating in the worlds biggest audition (Yes, this includes American Idol) anything can happen. Hopefully the quality of the football continues as the tournament wears on. Up next for the USA are surprising Group C leaders Slovenia on Friday.

Mets in second? Behind the Braves?: Its true, the NL East has gone a little crazy as the Phillies have faltered significantly, opening the door for the streaking Braves and Mets who sit in first and second respectively, a shocking development given the Braves slow start and the Mets abysmal road performance, but in Mid-June this is where we stand. While I don’t suspect this is how it will end, it is interesting to wonder whether either of these two teams can keep it up, particularly Mets starters like Pelfrey and Niese. And getting Beltran back will help as well.

Should the Devils make a play for Kovalchuk?: No, let him go make his money in the KHL. He is an elite scorer and talent who is simply ill equipped to play in the Devils system. Save the money, resign Paul Martin and go after either a shutdown D-Man or a more complimentary type scorer.

Texas “committed” to Big 12, other expansion notes: Definitely, so long as the conference gets the TV deal alongside Texas’s new network as the University rakes in $20 million a year. If that money train could ever possibly come to a halt the Big 12 would be donezo. Although technically its now the Big 10, while the Big 10 is the Big 11, and the Pac-10 is the Pac-11. Breathe easy for now Big East, until the Big “11” comes hunting Rutgers and Pitt. And SEC, why the flirtation with A&M you tease, you need nothing from them. In all of these scenarios, you remain top dog. I don’t care if Arkansas still lacks a “natural” rival since leaving Southwest conference. IF thats the issues, manufacture a rivalry with Auburn or something, doesn’t matter to me.

Farewell Chuck: I have to say, I am finally in Dana White’s corner in thinking Chuck Liddell needs to retire. He has been knocked out quite brutally in 3 of his last 4 outings and although he looked good in the Franklin bout, he likely would have won that first round has he not ate octagon floor, its time for one of the legends to hang up the gloves. Thanks for all the good times Chuck, from the first time I heard Bruce Buffer call you Iceman on the UFC Dreamcast game, I have always been a fan.

Strasburg looks good: 22 ks in 2 starts is nothing to scoff at, 2-0 while pitching for the Nats and an impressive demeanor to go with it. This guy has all the makings. Lets hope he continues to shine and avoids the nagging injuries that derail so many of the best young talents. Looking forward to seeing him against my Mets on the Fourth of July.

Good for you Izzo: While I was surprised to see Tom Izzo flirting with the Cavaliers, his coming out and saying he’ll be at Michigan State for life is not only honorable, but the right decision for the man. Nowhere will he find a better situation as he has at MSU where he frequently crafts some of the best blue collar teams around. He’s a Michigan man, born and bred, and going to Ohio would have simply been blasphemous. Looking forward to many more great years in East Lansing.

While Im sure there are far more things that need to be covered, they currently elude me. Post any requests on the facebook page!

Quick thought on Rob Dibble

June 13, 2010

The guy may just be the worst color commentator on the face of the planet. I tuned in for a few innings of todays Nationals game at Cleveland because I am just as interested in Strasburg’s progression as anyone else. And what gem does this guy come out with as the OPPOSING fans boo Strasburg as he leaves the game after striking out 8 Indians in 5 1/3 innings?

“And the Indians fans have the audacity to boo Strasburg for having them fix a broken pitchers mound” or something to that effect.

You are definitely right Rob. It must have had nothing to do with the fact that the guy had just mowed down Indians hitters for 5 1/3 innings. I agree, the fans were likely annoyed that a guy making his second start in the bigs complained about the mound, but did you ever stop to think that not every fan in the majors is rooting for Strasburg to succeed, particularly when he pitches against THEIR team.

And this is a tame example of his infinitesimal ability as a commentator, as the guy points out more blatantly obvious things than any human should waste their time doing. It borders on the ridiculous. Please Ted Lerner or who ever is in charge of hiring your announcers, get rid of this clown. You are officially the better baseball team in the DC Metro area. Why is Gary Thorne still announcing Orioles games?

Rob Dibble's Alter Ego

Strasburg’s Arrival in DC scheduled for June 8

June 1, 2010

Against the Pirates.

He might as well be pitching against the Altoona Curve.

Having him make his debut against the Buccos could have one of three outcomes: He will either be lights out and continue as he has through Triple A, which will cause the skeptics to say, “Well, it was the Pirates.”  He could have an average start, giving up 3-4 runs and striking out a bunch which will lead people to say, “Its the big leagues, thats to be expected.” Or lastly, he could get shelled which will have a lot of people laughing at the Nats misfortune.

Any of these outcomes will cause people to go nuts. Here’s the thing: no matter what the guy does in his first start, it will be absolutely meaningless to his career path. Whether he throws a perfect game, or gives up 11 runs lasting an inning and two thirds, it is as they say, just one game out of hopefully many in his promising career.

From my perspective and the perspective of most inside the baseball realm, his stuff is just so good that he is as close to a cant miss as there is. Then again, so was Mark Prior.

Best of luck Stephen, even though Im a Mets fan, Ill be rooting for you. Represent the Aztecs of San Diego State well in the bigs.

Congrats to College Grads everywhere; Quick hits

May 18, 2010

As you can see, I haven’t posted in a while, but I have been off celebrating my graduation from The George Washington University, and now as I set off into the real world, I’d like to extend a sincere congratulations to my fellow members of the class of 2010 across the country. Times are tough, but we’ll all end up succeeding, I’m fully confident. And ill be blogging away right here. Lets get to it.

I know its old news now, but if you hadn’t noticed, the Celtics took out the LeBrons in 6 games, and while I did not make any prediction on this blog, I called C’s in 6 on my last ever episode of The Real Deal on WRGW, a prediction for which I was ridiculed. I also have the Celtics in 6 over the Magic, but with the Celtics having already won game 1 and my not having put forth this prediction on any platform prior, I will not take full credit should it come to fruition. And I loved seeing Calipari say there is no question he’ll coach UK next year, not LeBron. Didn’t we hear him say something very similar right before he flew the Memphis coop to Lexington?

In baseball, it felt like September for Mets fans as the Amazin’s fell from first to last in a mere 18 days. Impressive stuff.

But at least they aren’t the Boston Bruins, who will feel the sting of that blown 3-0 lead forever. Check out the blog post by Justin Bourne over at Puck Daddy if you don’t believe that. Now getting stomped 4-1 by the Flyers in round one doesn’t feel so bad.

The Big 10 is expanding. The only question now is who and when, and how will other conferences respond. Texas in the SEC? Not as farfetched as it seems. And please Big 10, take Rutgers. You open the NY Market for your cash cow network, Rutgers gets the benefits of playing in an elite football conference.

Strikeforce Heavy Artillery showed us that Alistair Overeem is good, but can he beat Fedor? I don’t think so. Could he beat Lesnar, Carwin, Velasquez, or any of the other elite UFC Heavyweights? I doubt that as well. Brett Rogers is no slouch, but he is not amongst the elite.

Lastly, RIP Ernie Harwell. I know I’m late, but you were one of the greatest voices baseball has ever known. And I’ll leave you all with Vin Scully, probably the greatest voice baseball has ever known, and how he felt about Harwell.

“I have always told people that I never succeeded Ernie; I just sat in his chair when he left Brooklyn. … We were richer indeed to have known him, and we are poorer now that he is gone. He gives us a high bar that he has set to match our lives against his.”

Walking Jamie Moyer

May 3, 2010

Watching the bases loaded at bat in the bottom of the 4th where Johan Santana, the Mets ace, walked the 47 year old, was one of the most painful things I’ve had to watch. And I am talking about the Mets, who deliver their fans a good deal of pain. The Mets finally seemed to have things on track, having taken 1 of 2 at Citizens Bank and up 5-3 at that point. Then it all came undone.

Santana just could not get that final strike over and walked Moyer to make it 5-4, and seconds later it was 8-5 as Shane Victorino blasted a grand slam. The deluge continued, and before you knew it the Phillies had won the game 11-5 and reclaimed first place from the Mets.

Where the season goes from here, I cannot yet tell. But if the Phillies take off from now on and the Mets flounder, I cant help but think Ill look back at the 2 out bases loaded walk to Jamie Moyer and think, what if Santana could have hit the strike zone.

On an aside, Ryan Doumit will be “doumitted” from future posts due to his play being unworthy of continued recognition. Hopefully another Bucco steps up and takes his place.

Marshall adds necessary dimension for the Fins; Jerry Jones on Tebow

April 14, 2010

The Dolphins are an extremely well coached team. They have a solid ball control offense. They are solid on defense generally. Their best receiver is either Ted Ginn Jr. or Greg Camarillo.

Wait, what? How does a team go 11-5 in 2008 and 7-9 in 2009 with receivers like that? Because of the previous two statements.

The acquisition of Brandon Marshall today for a second round pick this year and next changes the game for the Dolphins. Marshall is a big, strong game changing receiver who’s style meshes perfectly with strong armed quarterback Chad Henne, who is quite apt at firing out the jump balls Marshall can outmuscle any cornerback, save Darrelle Revis, for. No longer will the Dolphins have to watch Ted Ginn clap at a perfectly thrown deep ball, only to deflect it into Tracy Porter‘s waiting arms. They now have the legitimate #1 wideout that Marino never had, as well as the legitimate running game he never had. Henne should take full advantage of this opportunity, and this moves the Dolphins much closer to contention into what is shaping up to be a tough AFC East, with the Pats being the Pats, and the Jets only building on last years AFC title game appearance.

Also, check out Jerry Jones comments on Tim Tebow and Bill Parcells

As for our resident superstar catcher Ryan Doumit, he was 1-3 with an rbi last night as the Pirates took home the 6-5 win to even up their record.

This and That: Will the Watch continue

April 12, 2010

Doumit Watch: Ryan Doumit followed up his 1-4 performance Friday with an 0-4 on Saturday and a day off on Sunday. It would appear as though his goal is to so thoroughly disappoint this blogger that the watch ceases. Hopefully he picks up his game and validates the choice.

Tidbit of the day: His middle name is Matthew.

Holmes to the Jets: In their latest “We are a team of the highest ethics” move, the Steelers dealt Santonio Holmes to the Jets for a 5th round pick in the upcoming draft. While I absolutely respect the Steelers organization and their seriousness about keeping up their spotless reputation, I think this move was a little too kneejerk, especially with some other guy confessing to throwing the glass in Holmes’s latest tiff with the law. Hines Ward is not going to be around forever, and with Holmes gone who else is there?

Hockey Playoffs Set: The hockey season concluded yesterday with a glorified skills competition (the shootout) deciding the final eastern conference playoff team (the 7th seeded Flyers) who defeated the Rangers. The Flyers will play the Devils in the first round, a dangerous matchup for the Atlantic Division champs who went 1-4-1 vs the Flyers this year.

The first seeded Caps faceoff against the Canadiens, a team they should absolutely defecate all over. Any games the Habs manage to take will be thanks to Jaroslav Halak.

The third seeded Sabres face the sixth seeded Bruins in a team they struggled against this season in what will be a matchup of similar styles. I give the edge to the Bruins in this series based on the Sabres being a little banged up and Boston having just a little more punch up front.

Lastly you have the Pens/Sens, which has been a trend in recent memory. And the trend of the Pens being the better of the two will continue, although unlike several pundits I do not foresee a sweep.

Out west you have a one vs eight matchup of San Jose vs Colorado, which is unfortunate for the upstart Avalanche team as they are the one team I think has the best potential of being swept in round one.

Two vs seven features Chicago vs Nashville, a team that continually makes the playoffs in spite of a dearth of talent. Chicago in six.

Three vs six pairs the Canucks and the Kings, and I really like the Kings in this series. The play of Kopitar up front, Doughty on D, and Quick in goal will propel them over the Canucks, who I am just not a believer in. On an aside, if Henrik Sedin wins the Hart, I will fully be advocating for the combination of the Hart and the Art Ross into the Hart Ross trophy, because he is not the most valuable player, he is the king of secondary assists.

Lastly, you have the most intriguing first round matchup between the fourth seeded Coyotes and the blistering hot 5th seeded Red Wings. To call the Coyotes a surprise this year would be an understatement, but you have to love Bryzgalov in goal and Tippett behind the bench. Unfortunately, they drew the one team no one wanted, the finally healthy Red Wings. Barring a Jimmy Howard melt down in net, the Wings whittle away at the Coyotes and win this one in six.

Edgar upsets Penn: Frankie Edgar upset BJ Penn, taking a unanimous five round decision from the lightweight champ many considered unbeatable at the weight. Edgar used a fantastic game plan to frustrate Penn all night long, and some of BJ’s former demons about looking ahead and not training properly are again in play. It will certainly be interesting to see where Dana White takes the division from here, because it is now busted wide open.

That didn’t take long: The Phillies sit in first with a mark of 5-1 and Roy Halladay looking like the world beater he is, while the Mets sit in 5th after losing two out of three to the Nationals in New York, losing on Sunday with Santana on the mound. I knew it would be a long year for my beloved Mets, but really? Watching that series was painful.

Pending updates: We here at Zinpact are currently working on a review of MLB 10: The Show for our friends over at Pyro Panda Entertainment which should be out in about a week. Head over to their site and check it out!

Also look for a post from Pittsburgh correspondent Ryan Walde regarding all things Pitt Panthers.

More to come later…

Fighting Sioux sounds just fine to me

April 10, 2010

Yesterday, a lawsuit brought against the University of North Dakota Board of Directors by a group of 8 local Sioux in an attempt to save the University’s nickname “Fighting Sioux”. Apparently, even though members of the Sioux tribe are not the most important opinion when it comes to determining the political correctness of the nickname, which is absolutely absurd. Based on the fact that one of the two Sioux sects will not change Tribal bylaws to allow for the vote on the issue, officials have effectively gone right through a loophole and will be changing the nickname.

In a country where the team in the nation’s capital is known as the Redskins and a baseball team known as the Indians has a giant smiling red logo named Chief Wahoo, the University cannot keep a nickname which the namesake approves of. Absolutely absurd. I’m hoping to find some quotes from notable UND graduates like Zach Parise and Jonathan Toews in the hopes that they stand up for the nickname.

UPDATE: The Devils put up this article regarding the name change. As expected, neither Parise or teammate Travis Zajac are pleased with the change.

And on the Ryan Doumit side of things, 1-4 with 5 men left on base as the Pirates were crushed 9-1 by the D-Backs. Garrett Jones was 2-3. Maybe he’s the one to watch.