Business is Business, even if it stings


As we all know by now, the Dallas Cowboys released DeMarcus Ware yesterday, a salary cap casualty.

Initially, I was incensed. I really did not think Jerry would follow through and cut one of my favorite players (There is a figurine of him on my desk at work and an autographed photo hanging in my bedroom) and when he did, I was shocked, but only briefly.

Then the reality of it set in, as has been discussed by many a pundit. Eliminating any sentimentality, the Cowboys cut a 31 year old Defensive end who has a history of injury and produced the worst season of his career by far after transitioning back to End in Monte Kiffin’s 4-3 defense who would have been $16 million against the cap. As a team that needs to free up cap space and provide some flexibility, this move HAD to be made. I am not happy to see DeMarcus go, and if he ends up in Denver and is used properly, I foresee him being an animal for a few more years.

Regardless of how it progresses from here: Jerry got this one right. And I don’t say that often.

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